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Geology Online Course

Geology is the science of the earth and the geological processes that go on within it. This field involves studying the basic sedimentary and fossiliferous rocks that form the base of mountains, seas, rivers, lakes, and even the atmosphere. Geologists determine the age and composition of these rocks using a variety of techniques. They use radiometric time decay, age old and new tests like accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) etc. to determine the age of the rocks and the environment they were formed in.

Pre Geological Course: Pre-Geological course is for students who have passed out of their primary geology class. The pre Geological Course teaches the fundamental concepts in the subject including mineral formation, tectonics, crustal movement, and gravity. It provides information about how the planets interact with the sun and how to understand the movement of celestial bodies. Some interesting topics included the formation of ice, minerals, comets, and other space debris. These lessons also provide details on how to analyze earth and mineral samples from out of the Earth for evidence of mineral or rock formation.

Geology Course: The first segment of Geology Course includes the analysis of sedimentary rock layers. These lessons are based on the theory of sedimentation, which is the process through which rock layers are formed. As mentioned above, the process of sedimentation involves folding and compaction of rock layers. A number of different techniques like strain corrosion, abrasion, and sedimentation can be used to treat these folds and compaction. This segment of the online geology courses give information about the chemical composition of these rocks and how they formed.

Geologic Processes: The second segment of Geology Course looks into the scientific study of these processes. The main focus of this lesson plan is how the earth has cooled and how geology took place. One can find out how the climate of today compares to what it was during the glacial or prehistoric times. Some interesting topics include the development of ice sheets and mass movements. One also learns how sedimentary rock layers form and how they are related to the other geological processes.

Introduction to Geology: The third segment of Geology Online Course looks into the topic of the physical geology and its importance in our day to day lives. The physical geology looks into the study of the earth’s surface and composition. It also gives an introduction to the study of the earth’s crust and core. An independent study of this subject gives an overview on how important it is to us and how we can benefit from it. This is a good online course to begin a basic understanding of this topic.

Geology Specialization: There are a couple of different specialization options that you can take in Geology. The first specialization option is that of the Metamorphic Suite, which is suited to those students who plan to major in metamorphism. Students in this major focus on studying the earth’s interior structure under extreme pressure, and learn to take geology as a serious study. Other specialized options are Marine Geology, Osteological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

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