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Must have features in the future phone

We, the people of this generation are much caring about the phone. We can’t think of a day without using the mobile phone. Well, the need of mobile phone has not increased at the present days. Mobile phone had a great use a few years ago too. But the needs of using phone were different. People now use the phone for the multipurpose where people used to use the phone only for communicating with the others. People a few years ago were satisfied by the calling and the messaging features of the phone. But now the demand and expectation of the people with the phone are changing with the advancement of mobile technology. People are expecting advanced function from the upcoming mobiles 2017.

We, most of the people use the mobile phone for some common purposes. The day to day activities of a mobile phone is stuck on few common things like gaming, capturing photos, browsing, voice message, voice calling, audio calling, messaging, etc. So, people want some common features in the mobile phone. Phone companies update their phone each year keeping the demand and necessities of the people in mind. People want more when they want to update their phone and buy a new phone. So, with the increasing demands of people, the phone manufacturers need to improve and update their phone. So, some must have features in the future phone should be:

Advanced processor:

The processor is the life of the phone. The more updated the processor will be, the more well performance you will get from the mobile. So, the future phone should have come with the powerful processor to run everything smoothly.

Memory storage:

The memory storage of the phone should be more than what we are having now. The main difference between the phone and the PC is the memory. The computer has more storage than the mobile. That is why a computer can store much information and run as much as software and game which a mobile phone can’t. We may see the large storage on the mobile phone in the near future. The must be needed feature of mobile is its storage. The phone manufacturing companies should pay a look on this matter.

High resolution:

Almost all of us capture photos with the mobile phone. It has become so common and vital for different social media sites. We love to upload different photos of different things including us. For this reason, we need a camera with higher resolution. Each year mobile manufacturing companies improve the quality of the mobile camera, but the future mobile phone should have the accuracy and resolution of the digital camera.

Less weight:

Though most of the phone nowadays are slim and lightweight. But we want more light and flexible phone for the smooth and comfortable use.

So, these are the features which we are expecting in the future phone.

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